Grilling Up Burgers Using Only Bison Meat

I am a huge fan of burgers, and I always find any excuse that I can in order to fire up the grill and throw some patties on it.  Of course, I like to get creative with my burgers, and that is why I look for different kinds of meat to use for them.  Recently, I decided to go ahead and give bison burgers a shot, and I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the results.  I had invited a bunch of friends over for a barbecue, and all of the meat that we used was ground bison meat.  I actually did not tell my friends that we were using bison meat when I invited them over, and so they were under the impression that I was simply grilling up regular beef burgers.  I think that the results actually spoke for themselves in the end.

My friends absolutely loved their burgers.  Rather than thinking that they tasted funny or different, they merely commented on how they were some of the best burgers that they had ever tasted in their lives.  After everyone had finished eating, I decided that I would go ahead and reveal to them that they had just eaten bison.  Everyone was very surprised, but they were surprised in a good way.  Most of my friends actually told me that they would start making burgers from ground bison meat themselves so that they would be able to enjoy them whenever they felt that they wanted to.

If you have never tried burgers made from bison meat, then I definitely suggest that you give them a shot and see just how much you like them.  For me, it means that bison has now replaced beef when it comes to making the perfect burger.

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