Hicks clutch tension reducer (HCTR).

It works and I recommend it to everyone not just those that benefit from it physically speaking.

Last summer my friend asked if I wanted to ride his $32,000 limited edition Screaming Eagle. I took him up on it.
The first thing I noticed was the ease with which I could pull the clutch. It was hydraulic...very smooth, very easy. I had a fine ride on a good bike but the only lasting impression was the easy clutch pull. That was a feature I wanted.

Last fall I received an unsolicted e-mail http://www.vtxoa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=169133&highlight= and posted here about it. That led to a sizable thread and Hicks name came up and he seemed an upright fellow based on his posts so I told him I'd buy one in the spring and did. It arrived very fast
and included well written instructions an installation DVD. I also ordered his returnable install tool widget for $2. I watched the DVD and if I was in any way a wrench or had a buddy that could help me I would have done it myself. As it was I had a fellow in Peshtigo, WI install it for me while he was putting on new tires (Metzlers). That's a different tale.

He charged me for an hour's work at $50/hr and had a guy come in and do it for him. One result was unexpected. The travel to engagement is further, though I recall that discussion in a thread - which I ain't gonna look for. The ease with which I can operate the clutch lever is definetly enhanced. I have read were some guys gage the enhancement as a percentage which I won't do because it is irrelavant to the user. The percent expression is good as an advertising/information tool though.

I have riden the bike maybe 50 miles since the conversion and am almost used to the difference. I think about the engagement change so it isn't natural yet but I don't want any surprises. It will come soon.

In short get this product. Whether you're a pregeriatric (such as myself), a weakling (such as myself) or just plain want an easier job of it (such as myself) this product delivers. All told I spent about $80 on the HCTR. It's money I feel good about cause it allows me to ride easier and thus longer.

DVD Comment. The only negative is the DVD. At the beginning there is a good closeup. Then the camera goes out to a further
angle and most of the process takes place. All I could really see was the guy doing the job not the job itself. At the DVD end the camera zooms close and the finished product is visible. Perhaps it is a resriction of the limited resources of the project but there is room for improvement there.